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  • Comcast Channel 28
  • CenturyLink Channel 8005 (HD Channel 8505)
  • Wave Broadband Channel 19
  • Roku Channel SCCtv
Now Airing (1:00pm - 1:56pm)
American Cinema (episode 10) - The Edge of Hollywood
Coming Up Later
2:00pmThe Human Condition: 19.
2:30pmThe Human Condition: 20.
3:00pmAstronomy: Observations and Theories: 19
3:30pmAstronomy: Observations and Theories: 20
4:00pmEarth Revealed: 19
4:30pmEarth Revealed: 20
5:00pmThe Power of Place: 19
5:30pmThe Power of Place: 20
6:00pmCycles of Life: 19
6:30pmCycles of Life: 20
7:00pmThe Habitable Planet: 3.
7:30pmThe Habitable Planet: 4.
9:30pmChallenge 2.0: Addicted to Hate Part 3
11:00pmVoices and Visions: 10

SCCtv became the first community college television station to stream live, fulltime 24/7/365 on the Internet.. Education based television is the focus of SCCtv cable. Daytime cable programming on weekdays is often tied directly to the coursework of instructors at Seattle Colleges.