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College Success Videos on YouTube

Student To Student
Unsure if college is right for you? Hear from other students reasons why going to college is a good decision.
Steps To Success
Learn important tips from other students on how to be successful in college.
Getting A Strong Start
Early actions for a successful year will help you get a strong start in college. It's EASY!
Understanding Basic Skills And Transitioning To College
In this video you'll learn about the benefits gained by transitioning into college programs and tips for making the transition successfully.
Funding Your Education
Learn about the variety of ways to fund your education and hear how other students were successful at it.
Financial Aid 101
Learn about sources of funding to help you pay for college.
College Success For Your Family, Part 1
In this video we learn the support offered by family members plays an important role in the success of a college student.
College Success For Your Family, Part 2
In this second part of the College Success for Your Family video we learn more about how the support offered by family members plays an important role in the success of a college student.
Becoming a Successful Online Learner
In this video you will hear about the positive aspects and benefits of online learning, the pitfalls to avoid and the challenges that come with online learning.
Overcoming Barriers, Part 1 and 2
Overcoming Barriers Parts 1 and 2 takes a look at the many barriers that can stand in a student's way as they try to achieve success. Listen as students, instructors and advisors about the barriers they've faced and how they learned to overcome them.
Succeeding In Math
Math is all around us. Learn what to expect, strategies for being successful in learning math, and overcoming math anxiety.
Succeeding In English
In this video learn tips and get advice from students and instructors that can help you achieve success as you study English.
Transferring To A University
In this video you will get an overview of the transfer process from a community college, or two-year college, to a four-year university.