The event was held on Friday, January 13th at Capitol Hill's Mount Zion Baptist Church. You can view the event below.

In honor of Black History Month, the event will also broadcast on SCCtv, Comcast Channel 28/Broadstripe Channel 19, for three Sundays in a row, February 12, February 19 and February 26 at 7:00pm.

The focus of the celebration was our leaders and leadership, inspired by the example of Dr. King and the thousands of others who led change during and since the Civil Rights Era. Keynote speaker Nate Miles, a motivational speaker and Vice President for Strategic Initiatives for Eli Lilly and Company, spoke movingly of Dr. King and of taking action when we receive the call to become a leader. Miles is a leader in volunteering for community service and has been called a major force in the national healthcare, community and non-profit sectors, helping to build coalitions among highly diverse populations in support of healthcare initiatives.

The event's emcee, KOMO News anchor Molly Shen, is also highly regarded for her service to the community.

The program, which began at noon, is famous for its music, with familiar songs and spirituals lead by the Mount Zion Wind Ensemble. Fifth-grade students from John Stanford International School prepared a dramatic presentation based on Dr. Kings ǣI Have a Dream speech.

For more information, visit the Seattle Community College District's website.

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